Ashon, aged 11, can SHINE with PDA

Nicola has been so welcoming, understanding and supportive to me. My son aged 11.5 is school refusal and demand avoidant. My son is the most himself than he is with another adult other than family, it's amazing to watch him (not just sitting there smiling and keep it all in). She has a way that gets him involved when he is really resisting. He has been had to be coaxed out of the car and more, but Nicola has always stayed very calm and upbeat. My son can't help but enjoy himself and interacts with the learn in a more positive and thoughtful way. He is starting to build his confident with her careful thought out planning and manner. Learn to Shine is my life line for me and my son, when no one else has been supporting or helping us. Would highly recommend her services, we have used the screening service and one to one sessions so far.

Andi, aged 14, can SHINE with: Selective mutism

 Nicola is second to none, she quite literally is the elusive 1:million teacher, who comes along once in every generation and motivates and lifts all of her pupils. My daughter who suffers with mutism, now delivers speeches out loud to small audiences. Learn to Shine is a flourishing and welcoming place to be. Classes for all are innovative and actually quite genius. Weaving creativity into Maths and English. Always adapting, engaging and encouraging.   Nicola has a special bond with her pupils and this gets the very best results from them – whatever their personal ability or issues. The impact she has had on a child with Selective mutism is incredible, and her support has made a significant improvement to Andi's day to day life, for which I cannot thank  enough. J. Hills

Oliver, aged 7, can shine with Tic disorder

To Nicola, I would like to say a huge thank you for all the help and support you have given Oliver and ourselves during this difficult time. He loves having his weekly session with you and talks about you lots during the week between each one. The time, attention, dedication and research you have done has really given us an understanding of what is happening and how to deal with it as a family, parents and individuals. You have shown so much support in working alongside the school and supporting them too with him, it put me at ease to know that everyone is working together to give him what he needs. Knowing you are there for us all helps put our mind at ease as you are always willing to help, support and give guidance

Beau and Verity, can SHINE with ADHD and Mutism

After meeting Nicola for an initial consultation I experienced, actually for the first time ever, someone really hearing me and understanding my concerns about my children. We spent a vast amount of the consultation going over things that nobody else in a school or in a medical establishment has ever asked me or given me the time to express. After talking to Nicola I now feel confident that there is help and support available for my children through Learn to Shine. 

I will always remember walking away from the consultation feeling light and happy for the first time in a long time. We are so excited to start to working with her. Lucy House.

Ben, aged 13, can SHINE with: Autism

Ben was diagnosed with an ASD at the age of 8. He always found mainstream school very difficult and was a very anxious, unhappy little boy. He would cry almost every day as he was desperate to leave school. When I asked him what his best part of school was each day he would tell me home time. After much thought I left my job and  took the decision to home educate. I tried so hard to give him a good education but realised very quickly that I was not enough for him to reach his full potential. We felt guilty, pressured, stressed and feared we were holding him back.

Ben has been receiving tuition for 6 months and I must say it is the best decision we ever have made. His progress has been amazing and he is learning much more now than he ever was with me. His confidence has grown immensely and the fondness he has for Nicola is truly amazing as he does not take to people easily, it can sometimes take months, even years for him to really relax and socialise comfortably with a person. To hear him laughing with her makes me feel so emotional as there are members of my immediate family he does not have that kind of bond with. Ben does not complain about attending his tuition and has already become more independant in his learning and organisational skills. I would recomend 'Learn to Shine' to anyone considering tuition for their child, particulary those with s.e.n children. Nicola's experience is fantastic and is shown with the work she has done with Ben. I am more than happy to have ben complete his full education with Nicola as I believe she is the one who will bring the best out of my son not just academically but emotionally and socially.

A truly amazing and talented woman, one of life's rare people who is passionate about what they do and actually cares about each and every child, and do not see it as just money making. Someone who I will never be able to thank enough. Thanks to her we can breathe again knowing our son is getting the best there is.~S. O’Brien (Son, 13 years)

Jess, aged 7, can SHINE with Autism and Adhd

Nicola has been tutoring my daughter with Maths and I am so impressed. My daughter has specific SEN and Nicola has found a way to keep her engaged in Maths using art; and my daughter is eager and excited to attend the sessions each week. I would 100% recommend Nicola to anyone!!

*UPDATE!* Since starting Learn to Shine Jess has progressed SO rapidly in Maths that she has just won the Headteacher's award! Jess now looks forward to her Maths lessons and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Charlie, aged 7, can SHINE with SPD

My son is aged 7 and has sensory processing difficulties. This means he can find it hard to settle into new places and interact with new people. After just one session with Nicola, my son was keen to go back and learn more. He coped really well in a new environment and Nicola helped him to relax, with fun and creative ways of learning. I was amazed by how quickly he settled and was able to interact and stay focused on the tasks Nicola taught him.  I'm so glad we have found Nicola. She is a warm, wonderful lady who has so much patience and kindness when working with children. She really has a unique ability to tap into children helping not only with learning but also help with self-esteem and confidence, two things I knew my son was lacking. I know my son is in safe hands and his learning will go from strength to strength under Nicolas's nurturing and welcoming learning environment. Thank you!

Leonie, aged 9, can SHINE with FASD, Horners syndrome and autism

Leonie has FAS, Horners Syndrome, autistic, learning difficulties, along with her left side being weak and a few other medical issues. We found ourselves in the position where school was getting too stressful and that they were not helping to support her needs, we were given no other choice but to Home school. However, we wanted her to have the best chance at an education and was looking for a tutor that could cater for her need’s also who Leonie could get on with as she does not like many people and gets uncomfortable.  Nicola was recommended to me by a friend. Leonie went for her first lesson where I stayed with her, and after that Nicola had made such an impact on Leonie she was happy to stay on her own and this is rare for Leonie. As to say Nicola has made education for Leonie fun and interesting is an understatement she has changed our daughter life for the better with how she teaches and supports her, she has also been supportive to us as well and is always helpful and full of great advice when it come to our daughter’s education. I could not home school my daughter without a tutor, and I would recommend Nicola to everybody as she is professional and yet caring and fun for Leonie. Nicola should be very proud of what she achieves as she has made such a difference in Leonie’s life. We are very proud of our daughter Leonie as she is thriving whilst she struggles with life, Nicola has helped so much.

Charley, aged 16, can SHINE in her GCSE English exams

*UPDATE!* Charley started English graded as a 'U' and went on to achieve the equivalent of a ‘C’ in both of her English GCSEs this summer!.

My daughter Charley is 16 years old and sat her final GCSE’s this year (19 exams). Thankfully, we found Nicola who has a dedicated classroom at her home which is very relaxed who sat with Charley to assess where she needed her help. A plan was put in place and we had a 2 hour session every week for approx 9 weeks. Not only did Nicola help Charley with her English she helped with exam planning and gave her confidence a massive boost. We are now eagerly awaiting her results. Charley and I cannot recommend Nicola highly enough. She teaches in a nice relaxed atmosphere with no pressure but instils confidence in her students. Thank you, Nicola.

Working with Nicola really helped with my confidence, I felt like she really helped me with topics I struggled on. Before I was working with Nicola I felt no confidence in myself and was really struggling in school with my English. Just after a few sessions I started to feel a lot more confident and understood the structure of my upcoming exams. Some of the activities that Nicola gave me were role plays, games and video clips to understand the plays I had to study in English. Nicola has really helped me and I feel like she gave me a massive boost towards not just my English GCSE but every one of my subjects. Even members of my family noticed the difference in my attitude to revision and self confidence. 

Brooke, aged 8, can SHINE with: confidence with DYSLEXIA

We decided on a tutor for our daughter as she finished year 4 just 8 weeks ago and we can already see the difference in her. Just an hour a week with Nicola has massively improved Brooke's confidence and self belief. She is very comfortable with Nicola and looks forward to going to her sessions. Brooke tells me how smart she is now! Nicola is thorough and supportive and always keeps us updated on Brooke's progress. It is also thanks to her that we now understand Brooke has a mild form of dyslexia, something that had been previously missed by the school, helping us to help her in the best way. Our only regret is that we didn't send her sooner!~M.Edwins (daughter, 8 years)


Brad, aged 13 can SHINE with AdHD and Dyslexia

My son has been seeing Nicola for the past 6 months. Nicola gives him Art and Maths lessons. Since he has been having 1:1 lessons he has become more confident in his Maths in particular and his marks in tests have really improved, his recent scores doubled in his latest school progress test. At our last parents evening his teacher could not wait to see me so he could tell me how much improvement there has been in this subject. As a parent it is reassuring to know that Nicola understands the real challenges of ADHD and the impact it has on its learners, and she finds creative ways in which to work with the child. My son really enjoys having his lessons with Nicola and I think that speaks for itself. ~ S. Terry (Son, 13 years)

Rachel, aged 14, can SHINE with FASD

I really wish Nicola had been my teacher, I love the way she teaches my daughter, My daughter has special needs and was out of school for 3 years because of her mental state. Nicola has helped her to not only reconnect to learning but positively love it. So the best compliment I can pay Nicola , is thank you giving me back my confident young daughter! ~ Sharon Jackson (Daughter, 14 years)
Nicola has proved to be an excellent tutor for our daughter Rachel. Rachel looks forward to her lessons every Friday afternoon and has come on leaps and bounds. Nicola really communicates well with her pupils and understands what makes them tick. We would recommend her to anybody. ~ Paul Jackson (Daughter, 14 years)

Sienna, aged 5, can SHINE with: more confidence

I had been thinking about getting my daughter a tutor for a while but the process of finding the perfect person seemed like quite a challenge. Luckily my mum recommended Nicola, and I am so happy she did. Sienna was never really interested in school work before and hated handwriting but now every week she is so excited to go to Nicola's, and I have noticed a massive difference already. Fantastic teacher for Sienna and such a lovely and trustworthy person as well. Thank you so much for helping Sienna, you always remember that one amazing teacher you had and I know already that person for Sienna is going to be you. 🙂

J. Nielson (Daughter, 5 years)

Rhys, aged 12, can SHINE with: Processing difficulties

I am writing to thank you for all you have done for Rhys. We have seen such an improvement with his learning and attitude to work, he has come on so much, and this is all down to you. You have given him the encouragement he needs and which he thrives on. Although you are strict you have created a warm and happy environment which has made learning a fun place to be. You are definitely the right kind of person to work with children with special educational needs as you have the patience and understanding they need, and have earned the respect of Rhys. You have made a place in his heart for life.

A. Waitimas (Son, 12 years)

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