Preliminary SEN assessment for ASD, ADHD, DYSLEXIA and more..

Preliminary SEN diagnosis support

We are all unique. We all learn differently. What makes us different is what makes us special. Sadly, schools are not always equipped to swiftly identify and support the vast range of special educational needs that may be forming a barrier to a child's learning. It is essential to ensure any needs are met as soon as possible in order for a child to make maximum progress during their crucial school years. Once an EHCP is in place for your child, you will be immediately entitled to a range of support that will transform your child's learning. Knowledge is power and time is of the essence. Please enquire as to how the Learn to Shine process can get your child the correct support, much quicker, with a range of assessments.

Parent testimony: ASD assessment

"Nicola has, quite simply, saved my sanity! After over a year battling skeptical friends and family and learning providers, Nicola was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone was taking us seriously and it was such a relief to have some support. Nicola assessed our 5yr old son Corin and confirmed he has suspected PDA/ASD, so she is now guiding us through the lengthy referral process. Nicola was fantastic with Corin and he warmed to her immediately so he is now about to start art therapy with her. She has been supporting us with behavioural techniques and sharing a wealth of knowledge. I can't recommend her highly enough - her service, support and friendship is invaluable."

Parent testimony: ASD/PDA

Nicola has been so welcoming, understanding and supportive to me. My son aged 11.5 is school refusal and demand avoidant. My son is the most himself than he is with another adult other than family, it's amazing to watch him (not just sitting there smiling and keep it all in). She has a way that gets him involved when he is really resisting. He has been had to be coaxed out of the car and more, but Nicola has always stayed very calm and upbeat. My son can't help but enjoy himself and interacts with the lesson in a more positive and thoughtful way. He is starting to build his confidence with her careful thought out planning and manner. Learn to Shine is my life line for me and my son, when no one else has been supporting or helping us. Would highly recommend her services, we have used the screening service and one to one sessions so far.

SEN Behaviour consultation

After meeting Nicola for an initial consultation I experienced, actually for the first time ever, someone really hearing me and understanding my concerns about my children. We spent a vast amount of the consultation going over things that nobody else in a school or in a medical establishment has ever asked me or given me the time to express. After talking to Nicola I now feel confident that there is help and support available for my children through Shine. 

I will always remember walking away from the consultation feeling light and happy for the first time in a long time. We are so excited to start to working with her.

Parent testimony: ADHD

My daughter is a bright child. She had glowing reports from her teachers throughout infant school, particularly over her ability and behaviour, which was often described as “exemplary”. At home, however, things were a different story. She was forgetful, easily distracted, often had meltdowns after school. Playdates needed a referee and she could not sit down at the table and eat a meal. I knew something was slightly off but didn’t know what. After all, everyone kept telling me how beautifully behaved she was! It was only when, at aged seven, I realised her responses to incidents were over-emotional and far more intense than her two-year-old brother’s. That wasn’t right. I went into school and they thought I was nuts. They didn’t think I was talking about the same child. A bit of research led me to Nicola, who immediately formed a rapport with my daughter so she felt at ease. Nicola immediately spotted subtle signs, such as how my daughter physically reacted to contain her anger when something unexpected happened. After an hour, Nicola diagnosed ADHD, which is hard to identify in girls and even harder in bright girls, who work hard to mask their symptoms. I couldn’t believe I had an answer!! For years I had wondered what was going on and within an hour I knew! Since then, we’ve started to put a plan in place to help my daughter, including art sessions with Nicola, and already we are seeing an improvement. I cannot thank Nicola enough. She’s not only changed my daughter’s life, but also my life, her dad’s and her little brother’s. We are a family again.

Parent testimony: SPD

When seeking help for my daughter from our GP and school was getting me know where I turned to Nicola. From the offset I knew she was different, I felt listened to, understood and like a person not a paranoid parent. From my first email, to our assesment, Nicola has been there to answer my questions and give me support. When my daughter met Nicola she was put at ease in her family home. My daughter came out smiling and cheerful, something that's rarely seen when we meet new people. We look forward to working with her further along our journey. *UPDATE* Since our consultation and Nicola's report being provided to my daughter's Primary school they have finally decided to take action and there are now at least three agencies and professionals involved, stepping up. It is such a relief to finally have the correct support.*

Parent testimony: ADHD and Consultation

We recently contacted Nicola to help us with our son. We have been struggling and battling to get him help, assistance and assessments since he was at his preschool. He’s now 5 and it’s been a long road with no real outcome. Nicola is our last hope of trying to get him the help he so desperately deserves in order to thrive at school. We booked a screener assessment with her and from the moment we arrived Jacob felt happy, settled and safe. She soon picked up on his additional needs and now will help us to get back on the process of fighting to get him what he requires in order to thrive in a school environment without the label of just being disruptive and naughty! Her heart is pure and kind and she is clearly dedicated to her cause of helping children and adults with extra support needed to function in life and for it not to be treated like it’s an illness or to hinder and hold anyone back.

Regional and National multi-award winning service. x

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