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Imagine if there was a way to change, not one, but hundreds of lives, for the better, every 9 months...By supporting the children of The Learn to Shine school YOU can make that happen!
As a teacher (and middle manager) in an extremely large comprehensive school, with highly challenging pupils, people used to say to me: 'Why would you want to put yourself through that?' Or 'I don't envy you!' The truth was, I loved it. The bonds I made resonated at a deep-down level, knowing the child who had arrived so angry, anxious and misunderstood now had their own toolkit to achieve better life chances.
So, why did I leave my safe job of over a decade?.....Because of how I saw the Government rip apart the safety net for those with Special Educational needs. Schools became populated with 'Business managers' who wanted to tick boxes, but didn't have the time to sit down, look their pupils in the eye, and really hear what they needed to thrive.
ALL children deserve to fulfil their potential
Whilst on maternity leave of my first child, I decided to be the change I was so desperate for. With my newborn son in his sling, we walked the streets of our local towns together, knocking on doors and explaining my new venture: a specialist provision for those who needed it most.
After teaching myself how to build a website in between nursing my son, managing my first budget, and creating my own workshops, praise spread, and my pupil cohort grew from 1 to 30 in 3 months.
National and local recognition
Within its first year, and every year since, the Learn to Shine school has won regional and National awards, a testament to the hard work, love and dedication that goes into education accessible to all.
Holistic SEN support for families
Since inception, I have endeavoured to create pathways that most benefit pupils who have been forgotten about or let down by, mainstream education. By undertaking a Masters in Psychology, specialist training in Child Speech and language therapy, and Occupational therapy, children and their families can access SEN screening services, challenging behaviour coaching, and 100% bespoke learning. I have been able to give parents access to Educational Healthcare plans, and act as their advocate with local authorities to protect their child's rights. Workshops are designed to help young people obtain skills missing from their development, but always following the principle that learning is best absorbed when it is multi-sensory and fun. Adult carers and parents can also attend Art therapy groups to create respite and joy in challenging times. All of this has been adapted around Covid in weird and wonderful ways!
What do I need?
At the moment, I manage all of this (along with my own two very small children) by myself. Since creation, I have had a waiting list and have had to turn children away. This truly breaks my heart. Having seen the simply enormous impact the (acorn sized) Learn to Shine school has made from humble beginnings, makes me burst with joy. The life changing opportunities that could be created by expanding the programmes are breathtaking, and would mean that I wouldn't have to turn any child away.
The nitty gritty
100% of your donations will go towards our new sesnory room and workshop programmes. The Learn to Shine school is not government funded so we must keep finding ways to keep our safe space for children with SEN accessible. Diagnostic screeners, therapies, and life skills such as cooking, bush craft and animal welfare offer the chance for every child to thrive and shine!
I have realised that with relentless passion and the desire to make fair chances for all children, I have the ability to make huge changes, or the 'butterfly effect'. By contributing to this cause you will literally be shaping a future generation, and helping to safeguard the rights of children with special educational needs.
And for that, I can never thank you enough.